• Earl Breon

The Burden of Command Ep. 75 - Whatever Works W/ Thalma Lobel

Thalma E. Lobel is an internationally recognized psychologist and expert on human behavior. A former chair at the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel Aviv University and director of the Adler Center for Child Development and Psychotherapy, she has been a visiting professor at Harvard University and a visiting scholar at Tufts University, the University of California at San Diego, and New York University. Her previous book, Sensation: The New Science of Physical Intelligence, was published in 15 countries. Lobel is a sought after speaker who regularly keynotes events in top research institutions and corporations around the world. She has led workshops in banks, design firms, and more, and has been a repeat speaker at the world-renowned City of Idea help in Mexico with Nobel Prize winners, Oscar nominees, and best-selling authors. Her new book is Whatever Works: The Small Cues That Make a Surprising Difference in Our Success at Work—and How to Create a Happier Office

Find out more about Thalma at her website: www.thalmalobel.com

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