• Earl Breon

The Burden of Command Ep. 61 - Lois Letchford

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

In this episode, I speak with Lois Letchford. Lois is a premier educator with a passion for teaching those who struggle with conventional, widely accepted, learning methods. This passion is rooted in her personal journey and the journey she took with her son. Lois's story is one we all need to learn from because as leaders we can make the very same mistakes with our team members as Nicholas' teachers did with him. We can discount them, not invest the appropriate time in them, and ultimately discard them. When, in fact, with a little creative thinking on our end as to how to best reach them, we may have a rock star in the making. Enjoy the show and find out more about Lois, her book, and her journey at: www.loisletchford.com/

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