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Unmask Your Leadership

The Obstacle

One of the biggest obstacles I run into when working with leaders one-on-one is breaking them of their masking habits. My first sign of trouble is usually a gigantic bookshelf filled with leadership, team building, and personal development books. Now, don't get me wrong here, I love to read and I advocate for the concept that leaders are readers.

But, and it is a big but, you have to actually take the time to learn the lessons in those books and personalize them. They aren't meant to be cook books. You can't read the latest John Maxwell book and just regurgitate the content. Worse, you can't then go pick up a Dov Baron book and start to regurgitate his content. Yet, I see this happen time and time again. The two men have similar concepts but different styles and methods. They have unique personalities that make their content work for them. Not, necessarily you. This is why one of the biggest complaints I receive from their staff is inconsistency. I've actually had team members tell me, "We know when he has read another book because the phrases he uses and his leadership style completely changes." They read a book and then wear the content like a mask to hide their own short comings. You don't want to be led that way, right? Neither does your team! The good news is there is an easy solution that will provide you with the fundamentals necessary to adapt to your unique abilities and situations and get you on track to become the leader YOU are meant to be.

The Phalanx Solution

Our Shields of the Phalanx are designed to be adaptable and applicable to any situation. They will work for leaders of any competency level and, if you should struggle, we have one-on-one coaching available to help get you on track. The best part is that once you master these shields you can revisit your bookshelf and get a deeper understanding of the material. You'll be able to identify their concepts, merge them with the Shields, and personalize both to fit your unique style.

Your Leadership Unmasked

Ladies and gentlemen, the most critical factor to your leadership is true authenticity. That means being vulnerable at times and admitting what you don't know. That means no trying to be the author of the last book you read. That means taking the mask off, seeking introspection and acting on it, and building relationships so you can look out for your people.

When you can take that mask off and lead the authentic way you are meant to then you will see better results from your team. Productivity will go up. Buy in will be easier. Your likability will increase. Turnover will go down. Engagement will go up. Recruitment will become easier. Long story short, mostly benefits very little negatives. If that sounds like something you are interested in for your organization, and it should be, contact us and we will get you on the path!

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