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My name is Earl Breon and I am happy to introduce you to the Shields of The Phalanx. But, first, a little about me.

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My Story

Earl was raised in the Smoky Mountains of northeastern Tennessee and is a lover of all things leadership and history related. His view is that if you know your history you know your future.


Earl is also a master storyteller and whether it is coaching, mentoring, or speaking he likes to use stories from history to convey his concepts. He has turned this passion into a successful podcast titled The Burden of Command  where he has interviewed guests with a wide array of backgrounds to include U.S. Ambassador Scott Gration, Howard J. Ross, and former Vietnam POW Col. Leon "Lee" Ellis. 

It is Earl's passion for history, leadership, and storytelling that has guided his life's journey. For instance, The Eleven Shields of The Phalanx are rooted in the Eleven Principles of Leadership he learned as an active duty United States Marine. He takes those back even further to the writings of Sun Tzu and Musashi to highlight how these timeless principles are directly applicable to your success today.


Earl's purpose is to help others be better people and better leaders.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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